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Hot Tub, Laundromat, and Painting Services in the Four Corners

Andre’s Repair services all brands of commercial appliances, hot tubs, and laundry appliances. We offer house calls for in-house appliances, refrigerators, range ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, and garbage disposals, along with hot tubs and A/C units. We also work with laundromats to provide the repair services they need.

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Andre’s Repair in the Four Corners also provides home appliance repair. This includes the repair, service, and replacement of washers, dryers, stoves and ovens, along with small appliances such as toasters, garbage disposals, and bread machines. Our experienced staff has worked with several makes and models and we know how to find, order, and install replacement parts as needed. Contact us to schedule your service repair appointment today. If it’s broken, don’t despair-we’ll make the repair! Our convenient appointments ensure you will be able to get back to your normal routine in no time.

Hot Tub

Hot Tubs

We also service any make and model hot tub, whether it’s a 2 seater, 4 seater, or 8 seater. We provide installation, repair, and servicing. This includes a wide range of models, from larger designs to smaller ones. Our experienced team of specialists will come out to your home and ensure your hot tub is in working order, provide you with the services you need to enjoy your hot tub, and so much more. Andre’s Repair services all types of hot tubs, including commercial and residential hot tubs.



We also work with laundromats to provide a wide range of services. This includes repair for washing machines, driers, and many other units. Our repair team includes several experts who can fix a laundromat’s washing machine if needed as well.

Air condioning unit


Our services include HVAC, which covers heating and cooling, meaning we install, repair, and services your air conditioner, furnace, or other unit. In the summer, we work with your air conditioner to ensure it cools your home efficiently. In the winter, we ensure your furnace is working smoothly and properly, offering our expertise in furnace repair as well. Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction so you can enjoy your home environment at any time of the year.



Andre’s Repair includes painting services for home and businesses, which includes exterior and interior painting. Our expert painters will come out to your home and access the job that needs to be done, providing a wide range of painting services, wall painting, and much more. We are the place to go for all your painting needs.

Plumber fixing drain

Handyman Services

Our expert handyman services include a wide variety of jobs in your home, including fixing your lights, changing lightbulbs, working with flooring, sanding, and much more. Andre’s Repair is there for you as a homeowner, providing the services you need to keep your home in tip top shape.

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